An Anonymous Story

I've dealt with mental issues, specifically suicidal thoughts, for as long as I've lived. I remember being a kid and wondering why the hell I was alive, that I didn't want to be, and how come no one asked me before forcing me to live this life? I never told anyone, it just manifested through different rebellious acts: dropping out of school, forming bad habits, and having a general lack of respect for my body and my life.

In some surface-level ways, mine is a success story. I now attend an elite university, I'm self-sufficient--I'm even capable of forming healthy relationships with people. I'm a fully functioning member of society. But underneath it all, I still have those suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. I'm not in therapy, I'm not on medication, I'm just trudging through, doing the best I can.

To anyone out there who suffers but can't seek help, for whatever reason, I feel you. It's not easy to suffer in silence, but I know sometimes you just have to, and I hope now you know you're not alone.

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