Marissa's Story

Well that's a hard question, I'm not even sure where to begin. After being sexually abused between the ages of 6-8, I never quite understood what self-worth was. In order to cope with the abuse, I became extremely promiscuous looking to regain control in every sexual situation until I was assaulted again during my junior year of college.
After, I went through a series of failed suicide attempts, a manipulative relationship in 2016-2017, and was diagnosed with: OCD, Anxiety, & Depression, at the same time in August of 2017.
I was numb to it all and barely hanging on. A coworker, now friend, invited me to People Church in September 2017. After coming to church over and over again, I started to feel more like me again and all those things in the past started to heal in ways that I never knew were possible.
My advice to anyone: don't stop fighting or talking about what you're going through because someone is going to stop, listen and help.

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